Experiences: Memories in the making

Our experiences are what make our journey exciting. Everything you experience during your holidays is what stays with you when you'll return to your everyday life. Let us guide you to our own Halkidiki, in a world full of hidden treasures and wonderful surprises to awaken all the senses. Follow us and fill yourself with memories that will accompany you for a lifetime.
Diving... in the dream.
The beaches of Halkidiki: one more picturesque and breathtaking than the other! Stunning coastline framed by pine-covered slopes, turquoise crystal-clear waters, endless sandy bays and secluded beaches, compose a true paradise. Beaches close to Neos Marmaras, such as Lagomandra, Kalogria, and Paradeisos, enchant the visitors with their wonderful waters. Organized enough for your convenience, they also offer water sports for those interested. At the same time, they also offer more secluded and quiet places, if that's your desire. All this, amidst a rich landscape, on a backdrop full of pine trees.
Kali Thea Members Club
Kali Thea Members Club
Wine tasting at Porto Carras
The largest single organic vineyard in Northern Greece is a definite stop for all contemporary wine routes, introducing the visitor to its intoxicating secrets. Guided tours to the vineyards, a visit to the winery, a stop at the cellars, tastings of wonderful, aged wines, a picnic in the pine forest; these are only some of the unique experiences that every wine lover can enjoy, so do include Porto Carras Estate in your list of must-visit destinations, when on vacation in Marmaras, Halkidiki.
Flavours of Halkidiki
Virgin olive oil, olives, traditional pastries, delicious cheeses, exquisite honey, traditional sweets and treats: these are some of the delicacies that compose the gastronomic profile of Halkidiki. Fresh fish and seafood, delicious meat cuts from local farms, fruits and vegetables, aromatic herbs and spices, all from the land of Halkidiki, give life to the most enjoyable version of Mediterranean cuisine, and can make every meal an unprecedented experience of enjoyment. Raging from traditional taverns to gourmet restaurants, quality remains the main ingredient of every dish and your enjoyment is granted.
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Kali Thea Members Club
Sea tours in Toronean gulf
They say that the best way to fully discover the magic of Sithonia is by boat - we couldn't agree more! Cruises to the Toronean gulf and the island of Kelyfos depart daily from the port of Marmaras. Enjoying your dives in crystal clear waters or moments of relaxation on the deck, with a bountiful of views of the enchanting surrounding landscape, will take you on a journey to the most charming version of Halkidiki.
Atmospheric pilgrimages
Religious tourism has its own magic. In the wider area of Marmaras you will find multiple, not famous maybe, but totally unique pilgrimage destinations. After a short hike to the hill above Neos Marmaras, you will find the chapel of Profitis Ilias [Prophet Elijah], surrounded by pine trees, offering breathtaking views, especially at sunset. Also worth a visit is the Church of Pammegiston Taxiarchon, the main church of the village, where many relics from the old homeland are exhibited; the currently uninhabited monastery of Agios Grigorios; the Church of Agios Stefanos in the nearby village of Parthenon; and Agios Georgios in Azapiko.
Kali Thea Members Club
Kali Thea Members Club
The ultimate Casino experience
If you are a fan of gaming and luxury, Casino Porto Carras is the destination that cannot be missed in your travel plans when you are in Marmaras, Halkidiki. Strong emotions and moments of authentic entertainment await you in a unique environment, which welcomes you with a free drink at the entrance, impeccable service, and countless exciting moments.